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Our Moon Plant Pots are a unique and innovative addition to any outdoor space, providing both a striking display of flora and comfortable seating. Each Moon Plant Pot features a bench on one side and a plant pot on the other, creating a multifunctional piece of outdoor furniture.

To ensure durability and weather-resistance, the Moon Plant Pot is crafted from a composite material that can withstand impacts and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, customers can choose between a soft wood (pine) or hard wood (oak and ash) bench, depending on their preferences.

For further customization, the Moon Plant Pot is available in a variety of colors based on the RAL color card, allowing customers to match their existing decor or add a pop of color to their outdoor space. Whether in a public park or private garden, our Moon Plant Pots provide a practical and visually stunning solution for incorporating nature and comfortable seating into any outdoor area.


Sizes and Specifications

Diameter Height Colour
1100 mm 450 mm Dark-grey
1100 mm 450 mm White
1100 mm 450 mm Light-grey
1800 mm 450 mm Dark-grey
1800 mm 450 mm White
1800 mm 450 mm Light-grey
2300 mm 450 mm Dark-grey
2300 mm 450 mm White
2300 mm 450 mm Light-grey