We Value the

The environment bears the influence of nearly all types of production processes. At Scan-Plast, we hold a strong commitment to minimizing our production’s impact on the environment. Our continuous efforts are directed towards efficiently utilizing resources for extended periods, thereby minimizing our climate footprint

Promoting Recycling Initiatives

The process of re-utilization allows us to achieve properties in the recycled materials that are, in many instances, comparable to or even better than those of new materials.

In cases where re-utilization isn’t possible, the materials can naturally decompose and become part of the natural cycle once again.

Furthermore, we actively purchase used composite products, both from our own product line and from other manufacturers. After refurbishing, we offer these products for resale as recycled items.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices underscores our dedication to reducing waste and conserving resources, all while contributing positively to the environment.

Exceptionally Long

The inherent qualities of composite materials, including exceptional durability, high strength, flexibility, and resistance to weather conditions, bestow upon them an exceptionally prolonged lifespan in comparison to conventional materials. This extended lifespan contributes to notable environmental advantages.

Source: Environmental considerations to structural material selection for a bridge, proceedings of the COBRAE European Bridge Engineering Conference “Lightweight Bridge Decks”, Rotterdam, March 2003

Environmentally Responsibile

At Scan-Plast, we are deeply committed to fostering a greener future for our planet. By choosing our products, you actively support our environmentally friendly initiatives.

Our production methods prioritize minimal energy consumption throughout manufacturing, transportation, assembly, and maintenance, ensuring a sustainable and eco-conscious approach. We believe in creating products that stand the test of time and can be efficiently recycled.

We are proud to share that Scan-Plast’s production processes and products are designed with utmost environmental care and consideration.