FRP Mesh

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Our FRP Mesh, manufactured using composite materials, boasts exceptional strength comparable to steel. With easy installation that requires only one person, the laying or installation process is efficient and convenient.

Our FRP Mesh is designed to be lightweight, with a standard weight of approximately 30 kg for 60 m², making it easy to handle and transport. The installation process does not require any special or electrical tools, further reducing installation costs.

The benefits of our FRP Mesh are numerous, including its low weight, high strength, low installation costs, improved work environment, ease of adjustment, dimensional stability, temperature resistance, and electromagnetic transparency. These advantages make our FRP Mesh a versatile and reliable solution for various applications, offering significant benefits to construction projects.

Size Density g/m2 Thickness m2 pr. roll
33 x 33 mm 1000 3 60
66 x 66 mm 500 3 60
99 x 99 mm 350 3 60
66 x 66 mm 1000 5 60
99 x 99 mm 700 5 60