Toilet buildings

Scan-Plast Toilet buildings. Read more.

Scan-Plast has for many years produced prefabricated toilet buildings and toilet houses. We manufacture both standard and custom solutions. With our experience and expertise, we are able to consult with the client to prepare the perfect and desired result.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings are for instance suited for all natural resorts, park facilities, picnic areas, urban areas, harbors, lay-bys, golf courses, sport facilities, recreational areas and nature kindergartens etc.
Our toilet building interior are covered with composite and as a result, the building appears with an integrated surface. The integrated surface guarantees longevity, is cleaning-friendly, hygienic and corrosion free.
Scan-Plast offers toilet buildings with a wide variety of cladding, such as tile or 1 on 2 wood cladding or our unique composite cladding with minimal maintenance. The toilet buildings can be delivered with different roof types, which all are made from maintenance free composite (looks like felt roofing).
Scan-Plast can also provide toilet buildings with technical rooms, with possibility to store any cleaning supplies and tools.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings meet the statutory requirements for handicap-friendly accessibility.
A Scan-Plast toilet building gives the customer handicap-friendly interior, easy cleaning possibilities, hygienic and operation -friendly conditions, dense surfaces, sturdy material and an attractive design.