Strength, flexibility and durability
Scan-Plast develops, manufacture and market products, systems and complete solutions primarily produced in today's composite materials, also in combination with conventional materials.

We supply too many different industries and customer groups.

Composite materials have a basic advantage at extreme flexibility in form and strength and can often, with great advantage,

replace materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or wood.

We conduct an ongoing development with an objective, to constantly improve knowledge content and innovation, based on composite materials high-tech and unique features by creating new unique products and solutions.

We have specifically focused on improving environmental and energy-efficient


Our ongoing development, expertise and vast experience makes us a stable and attractive provider that can help our customers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Our motto is:

which is applicable for both our products and the company's culture.



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Why Scan-Plast

• Expert in plast composites.

• Materials with unique qualities.

• Extensive experience.

• Mastered the majority of production techniques.

• In-house development.

• Major production range for several fields.

• Special production.

• High Quality.