Life is depended on a well-balanced and healthy environment.
The environment is affected by almost all types of production.

At Scan-Plast it is important to us that our production has a minimal impact on the environment.

We continuously focus on exploiting resources efficiently and as long as possible as well as achieving the lowest climate footprint possible.

Our customers can return our products when they reach their end of life. Hereafter we reuse the materials in the manufacturing of new products, or incorporate it in new products, or use it as substitute fuel etc.

By incorporating of reused material almost similar and often better properties are obtained compared to new materials.

If the materials can´t be reused, they can decompose and reenter in the natural cycle once again.

We buy used composite products e.g. silos and storage tanks both our own and other brands. Then we renovate and sell these as recycled products.

Life time
The composite materials optimal technical properties such as corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, flexibility and weather resistance, ensures a long life time in comparison to conventional materials and hereby large environmental and economic benefits are achieved.

Operation and maintenance
The composite materials unique durability and minimal demands for operations and maintenance and the resulting in low resource consumption, are also a strong contributing factor to the environmentally and economic benefits of composite products.  

Low weight
The composite materials low weight which is about 80 % lower than steel and concrete. Substantially reduce the resource consumption for transportation and mounting and thereby lowers the CO2 emissions.

Environmental profile for a composite product

Air pollution by the production of a Kg material. Energy consumption in the manufacturing of the material, Water pollution by the production of a Kg material.

At Scan-Plast an environmentally friendly production is important. Our costumers contribute to the recycling system by paying an environmental fee when you buy one of our products.

An environmental and sustainable solution is a production with minimal energy consumption for manufacturing, transportation, mounting and maintenance as well as a product with a long life time that can be recycled.

We can therefore gladly declare that Scan-Plast production and products are very environmentally friendly.