Toilet Buildings

Scan-Plast Toilet buildings. Read more.

Scan-Plast provides sanitary solutions for natural resorts, parks, gardens, urban areas, lay-bys, Blue Flag beaches and more.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings are all fabricated in composite material which ensures that the toilet buildings are very cleaning friendly, hygienic and low operational economics.
Scan-Plast offers various types of cladding according to the customer’s wishes like tile or 1 on 2 wood cladding or a composite cladding with minimal maintenance.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings are delivered with various types of roofing like colonnade or pitched roof. The roof are made in composite and is similar to roofing felt.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings can be delivered with or without technical room, according to the customer´s wish.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings meets the statutory requirements for handicap friendliness.
Scan-Plast toilet buildings are delivered in standard solutions, but can also be delivered custom made according to the customer´s wishes and specific needs.